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This jig was made for the last project, the candle holders. I needed to drill some angle holes. It was simple and effective. I thought it was worth sharing. Checkout the video. Video.

  Candle Holder                                                            


Matches fit in a pocket in this holder. The matches are called cowboy matches and can strike on any rough surface. This is another easy project to make and just in time for the holidays.                                                                          

Click here to see the video,  Candle holder                                                                                     

How to drill holes in a glass bottle

This is the basic design for the bottle drilling jig but you would have to measure the length of your bottle and then fit the blocks accordingly.

See the video and see how easy it is to build.                       

Tool Caddy

Tool Caddy for the workbench. Great for the tools you use the most, and always at your fingertips.
I think it looks nice on the bench and is very easy to make. Someone suggested they were going to make a couple of them, I think that is a great idea. Different tool caddies for different jobs!

 The base is made of 3 2x4s, and is 11" in length.
The ends are made with 3/4" oak. Height is 7 1/2".

  This is what worked for me but they can be any length to suite your tools.
 For shaping the ends I started with a 1 1/8" forstner bit, then cut the rest with the band saw.

 Putting it all together....

I used screws for the 2x4s, you cannot see them because I  screwed them from the bottom.

The sides are screwed on and deeply countersunk as you can see in the first photo.

Tool caddy end template

I traced out one of the ends on a 8"x11" sheet of paper then
scanned  it.

    I-Beam Workbench

 An I-beam table is nice for the drill press, bench or any table. The bottom of the platform allows you to clamp it nicely while the top will be the work surface.

I used some 1 1/8' plywood for this table so it would be strong and solid. After the three main pieces are cut, a dado was used for the slot. I made the fit tight since the wood was so thick  there would be no splitting or warping.  The pieces are glued and hammered together. Two holes are drilled in the top
and threaded inserts are installed. This will be for the holddown clamps.

For the 2 holddowns I used a small piece of maple, cut them to shape with the bandsaw and drilled a small slot. The small hole will fit a t-nut and a 1/4 inch lag bolt.

Large Compass

A compass is a handy tool for any shop and this is a large one. A pencil can be attached to mark circles but I use it mostly for precise measuring. Here is the video and below are some plans on how to make the  Compass.   .

 People have asked how the spring works so I made some plans using Sketchup. If you see the lengths of the cuts in the top you can see they are different. They are the pieces that will flex to make the spring. I find  Oak is strong and works good for the spring. A nail is used as a hinge and a threaded bolt and nut are used to set the distance. I use it a lot and it works fine.

Table clamp

In this video shown below,  5 easy woodworking projects I made the Table clamp. I found it to be a very easy project to make and a very useful clamp to have in the shop. It would be a nice project for beginners.

Building the clamp is very simple, I used plywood for the base and a piece of maple for the top jaw.      The base should be thick to keep the carriage bolt secure.

After the pieces are cut to size the top jaw is placed on the base and marked in the center. Then the two pieces are clamped together and a hole is drilled on each end for the carriage bolts. 

Make sure you use a drill bit the same size a the bolt or slightly smaller, this way everything will  keep square. Clamping and drilling together is important to get the holes exactly lined up. 

Next ,the bottom needs a slight countersinking for the carriage bolt, then bang in the bolts with a hammer and it will be secure. 

Finally, putting it together. Slide on the top jaw and put on the nobs and it is ready.

Check out the video

How to make a Mini Speed Square 

Easy project

   This speed square is so easy to make and I get many good comments so I thought I would include it with some simple plans. I made some out of maple and mahogany. They can be made any size but I matched it to my small machinist square. This is a nice pocket tool for any woodworker.

To make the square you first must cut a perfect square then cut it in half giving you a triangle. I use my fine adjust saw sled  to make the cuts. Other saws will work but the piece should be tested with a larger speed square. The small block and the triangle are just glued together with some titebond and set aside.

 I use mine all the time for some  smaller work. You can always make a couple for the shop and one more thing, it fits nicely in your pocket.

Check out the video


  1. Hi Jack

    I have watched just about all of your videos and enjoyed them all. I know at times with smaller parts assembly can be difficult for me. I truly hope that this does not come across to personal and if it does you can tell me to take a hike and I won't think any different of you. Anyways I have always noticed the range of motion in your hands and I was just curious about what ails you. I would like to apologize in advance if you find this disrespectful.
    Keep the Great videos coming

  2. Hey bruther , How comes you ain't gaw't the frankinStine switch up hear¿ Thanks for the inspirations you push out . Imagine that bone doctor seeinn hip replacments like U see wood, cept' there drills cost $6.000k. -vegasjames out

    1. I may make some plans for this. I would like to see my doctors drill bits. Thanks for watching.

  3. Waiting on the plans for the big Clamps. Have a great day and thank you for sharing.

  4. I will see what I can do. They take a lot of time to make and I work better in the shop showing you how to make things.

  5. would you please post measurments for the lathe

  6. Hi, I am a follower on your YouTube channel , just ran across the Rotary drill press, horizontal/vertical on YouTube and wanted to know if you have or can post the plans for both making the press and mounting it to the shelf.

  7. Hi! I have stumbled across your video on making the lathe and I really liked it so I wanted to see if you had a plan for it, and I read on the comments and saw that you had not made it then, do you perhaps have it now? I am trying to built my own shop and videos like yours are very helpful. BTW, thank you so much for making your plans free, its hard to find yt videos on the DIY lathe with free plans!

  8. Hi! I have stumbled across your video on making the lathe and I really liked it so I wanted to see if you had a plan for it, and I read on the comments and saw that you had not made it then, do you perhaps have it now? I am trying to built my delusion score ideal woman own shop and videos like yours are very helpful.