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Magic Knife Holder

Hilton sent me a pic of his knife holder, very similar to mine with a slight change to the sliding magnet mount, and the base with 2 different woods. Very nice Hilton.

Here are the ones I made, I keep them in the workshop and use it for tools I am using at the time for any given project. 

Wooden Vise       


Bill T. sent me a photo of the vise he made and did a very nice job without any
plans, he copied it from my  wooden vise video. Below is the email he sent.


  I found your video on building the wooden machine vise and thought I would make one for my shop.

  I used white oak for the parts except for the base which is 3/4" marine grade plywood. The handle was turned on the lathe from a salvaged hallway handrail from a Veterans Hospital.

  I used 1/2" threaded rod instead of a carriage bolt.  I jammed two nuts together on the front of the handle and recessed one into the handle. By tightening a nut on the back of the handle it effectively makes the handle and threaded rod one piece.

  I did run into one problem which was when I installed the screws for the metal pressure plate it started to separate the laminated moveable jaw. This was caused by me placing the screws holes right at the joint line. My fix was to put a small bolt (6/32) in the lower center of the moveable jaw. The head and nut are both counterbored into the jaw. A simple fix that I was able to perform without any disassembly.

  I took the finished vise to our monthly woodworkers guild meeting and it was very well received.

  Thank you for your videos. I have a few other of your projects in my shop as well.

Height Gauge                                                          

Lou Moriitz sent me a photo of the height gauge he built. He used Maple and Mahogany which I think look great together. Nice Work Lou! 

Click here to see how I made my height gauge.

Large wooden caliper                                              

Trevor did a nice job on his caliper, it is based on caliper my caliper that I built a while ago. It was one of my first videos so it was not very good but the caliper works great and I use it all the time.                                                              
Trevor added inside jaws which makes it better. I thought about doing it but
maybe it was too much work. Good for you! I hope it comes in handy for you and thanks for sharing.

Magic Knife Holder                                               

Paul St George‎  from Woodworkers on Youtube sent me his knife holder one week after I built mine. That was quick and a very nice job. 

I want to thank Jack Houweling for my the last minute Christmas gift idea. (and I thought I was done) I was woodwork surfing YouTube and came across his video. I made mine from oak scraps and it's adjustable so the knife collector on my list can switch up and display which ever one he wants.

Tool Caddy                                                                                                                       



Carl sent me these four pics of his tool caddy. What a wonderful
job, they look identical to my design. With or without stain they
look great. I think it is a good idea to make multiple tool caddies for
the shop and to easily carry around.

Nice job Carl!

This project can be made in an afternoon. If anyone wants to make one
 see my Tool Caddy on Youtube. To make the sides you can find  a template
 on my blog  at

Making a small Awl

          "Thanks Jack Houweling for the project idea and inspiration!"

                                          Here is my friend Jason Rausch and myself at WIA. We
                                          had a great time and shared lots of ideas. He  sent me  
                                          this photo of his awl based  on my Making a Small Awl .

                                  A very simple project to make. Jason used walnut, 1/2"copper                                                                         ferrule  and a framing nail. Keeping short was the idea for better
                                 control. His handle is larger than mine  but still a nice design.

Check out his video

                                         Your Awl turned great, Jason.  Walnut and copper works nicely. Thanks
                                         for hanging out and sharing ideas.

Cutting perfect grooves on the table saw.

Charles S. from Belgium sent me these photos based on my design.
He thanked me for my idea and I am glad he could make it.
Although I did not make any plans he did a great job.

Very similar and he also used the brass knobs for the stop blocks.

The wheel has notches for easy counting and a large ball attached
 for easy turning.

Interesting how he installed the turn screw.

The jig works fine and the block has perfect cut grooves!

Here is my design please click to see the video.

If you have any interesting projects you would like to share let me know!


  1. Jack,
    Thanks for posting the photo of the height gauge I made following your How To video.
    I'm honored !

  2. Jack, Cool site! Hey do you have any plans, instructions, or dimoinsions for the pino jack you designed from a transmiosion jack? I could really use that. I am moving my grand piano and I am installingh a piano dolly on. So, I need to be abl;e to lift a corner at a time and remove the original casters and slide the dolly underneath. So, any help would be appreciated and thanks for sharing all the great ideas. - Ken Strattan