Monday, October 6, 2014

Country Cabinet with wire mesh door

To build the a strong cabinet I used a sheet of 5/8" pine plywood, I cut the sides it 4 ' long and 18" wide. 

 With the same plywood I cut four pieces  18'x12' for the shelves and the top.

I set up all the pieces on a table and clamped them together temporarily  and used my dowel stop gauge to space the shelves.
Everything is ready for gluing, I used a couple of squares and slid the cabinet against the drawer to help keep things lined up.

For the backing I used white hardboard. This can be bought at any hardware store. It comes in 4x8 sheets and is white on one side and very useful for other projects.

With wire cutters I  cut wire mesh for the door. Before the mesh is installed the frame should be painted.

The cabinet is painted, mesh is stapled to the door and the hinges are  screwed on.

I grabbed some canned peaches to test my new cabinet. Everything turned out great!
Now it is ready to go into my kitchen and filled with preserves.

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Let me know how you liked this build and if you want more of this type, please comment!