Monday, July 6, 2015

Towel holder for man cave

                                  A towel holder for a man cave with a unique wood design  will
                                 look good in the workshop. It would also be nice and handy to have a
                                 towel or rag hanging around.


                               Cutting srips of wood
                               Strips of wood are cut too different sizes. For a good contrast of 
                               woods I used oak, maple and Brazilian cherry.

                                After laying out the pieces I saw what I liked. Then glue was 
                                brushed on and the pieces were clamped for a few hours. I 
                               used my wooden clamp since it was the ideal clamp for this job.

Making the ring
I used some extended vise grip clamps and secured the piece to the
 drill press table. I recently bought a circle cutter and wanted to try 
it out, it did its job but was very slow because of the hardwood I used. 

    After awhile it was still cutting but it took too long so I decide to
   finished it with the jigsaw. This went quicker but not as clean.

                                           After the jigsaw it needed more cleaning so I  used
                                           my Oscillating sander . The sander may look like an 
                                           odd set-up but it works great!


To finish the ring and round the edge I used a router and a 1/4" Roundover bit. This will make a very nice ring.

Lightning bolt  
  Using the same pattern as the ring new strips are cut glued and set
   aside. The strips are around 14 " long.

     A lightning bolt design is cut on the bandsaw, and cleaned up
     with a belt sander.

                                  With some of the leftover cut off pieces a square was cut and a 
                                 hole was drilled and then the piece was cut in half. This will  hold 
                                 the ring. 

Waiting for the glue to dry.  When it is ready the block  can be
attached with 2  drywall screws to the lightning bolt piece.
For the finish I brushed on 2 coats of Varathane.

 Everything is put together it's time to test it out, then with 2 sided tape
I can  find the right  place in the shop to put it .

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