Friday, September 18, 2015

5 Easy Woodworking Projects

5 easy to make woodworking projects                                             
       Easy and fun to make with some basic woodworking tools all these projects can be made
       quickly. They can then be used for the shop or made as gifts.  


                 1. Pencil tray 
                            This is my first  easy project and  now I can demonstrate a new
                            use for my new  drill press adjusting table.  Yes I put a router bit 
                            in the drill press... works for me!

                     As I slowly turn the adjustment  screw, I can make the groove as 
                            deep as I want. I will test the depth  occasionally with the pencil until
                            I see what looks best. This can also be done without the adjustment
                            table, but would table longer with a regular drill press table.              


                    2. Eraser Holder  
                         This is another simple project. An eraser holder will sit nicely on a 
                         desk or with some double sided tape a couple can be put around the 
                         workshop then knowing there is always one nearby. 


                          The easiest way to make the eraser holder is to make a dado cut in
                          a  long piece of wood then cut it to the right width. This will be the 
                          safest way.  After that the piece can be cut to the length of the eraser. 
                          I used my  table saw sled and cut many of them. I can now give some 
                          away as gifts. 

                  3. Wooden Mallet                                                                                   I have never made a wooden mallet that turned out this nice. I will
                              now have to make some other sizes. This one is made of oak                                                           and a few coats of Varathane.                                                                         

The  head is carefully marked and the center will be drilled out
          for the handle.                                                                             


  To square the hole somewhat I used a square file. After the handle 
         was shaped I tapped it in the head and had a solid hammer.                    

          4. Small Miter box                                                    
       This will be handy for any shop when  small pieces have to be cut.
I use a Japanese pull saw for this and get nice clean cuts.      


                           I found a large piece of hardwood from a pallet and cut a chunk off
                           with the bandsaw.  I then cleaned it up with the table saw. Next I use
                           a Dado blade and cut a channel in the block.

                           To make the 45 degree mitre cuts I clamped the box at 45 degrees to
                           a backer board on my band saw miter gauge and made my cuts.

5. Quick clamp                                              

    Quick to make and quick to use, this clamp will sit nicely on a 
       table top. To test the clamp I made a small frame and placed it in
                              the clamp. This frame was cut in my new miter box.                                                                       

                            This clamp was made from stuff I had lying around the shop and
                            here is a  Material list for this project. It can be made any size.
                                        -  piece of  plywood
                                        -  small piece of maple 
                                        -  2 carriage bolts
                                        -  2 knobs     

                             The bottom is countersunk a small amount with a forstner bit. Then
                            when the carriage bolt is hammered in it will be flush and a solid fit.

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