Friday, October 23, 2015

Impossible ring through a glass bottle

A wood ring through a glass bottle will keep people guessing how it was done. This project is fun to make and can be made with basic tools. A jigsaw and a hand power drill would work just as well for this.

                      I will use a piece of oak to make the ring, it is a strong 
                      wood and I like the look of oak.


        A hole saw is used to cut the inner part of the ring. I 
        use my auto drill press lever to help drill into the oak. 

 I mounted my router in a vise and safely rounded the inner edges of the ring.

To break the ring!

Using my wooden jaw liners I put the ring in the vice. The liners will keep the piece secure and will not mark the wood ring.

                   Putting on a hand screw clamp for the upper part of the ring. This 
will give me a better chance of splitting it in half. 

Hammering the ring .......... I gave it a hit and it snapped 
in half right along the grain. 

Here is a photo of the two pieces of the ring, I just placed it on the bench and lined up the ends.It turned out great. Now with some titebond glue you should not see any lines at all.

Glueing it together...

                      An elastic is all that is needed to clamp the ring.
                      I set it aside for a while and then it was ready. 
                      Now I can have some fun with it and let people 
                      guess how I did it. 

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  1. Incredible video man. I'm totally surprised to see how that ring has been inserted through that glass bottle. It's amazing.

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