Friday, March 11, 2016

Diamond plate tool box

Need another tool box?

Lots of tool boxes are great for any woodworker or work shop especially when you have lots of tools. They help keep things organized or if you need to carry many certain tools around. 

I wanted to do something different so this one will be made with diamond plate.

I've always wanted to work with diamond plate metal. I recently went to my local metal mart and found some short pieces and bought this piece for $10.00.

It was 5 1/2" by 5 feet long, that is plenty enough for a tool box, plus some extra for sample testing for cutting since I have never done this before.

Also I will have some left over for any other projects I may make.

                             To cut the metal  I will be using  a BOSCH
                             basic metal blade in my jigsaw.

                       First let's cut the wood to size.                                                  
                       I found some old plywood although it is dirty it is                      
                       very good quality. It came from a cabinet from the

                       After I cut it to size, 17 1/2 inches 
                       I sanded it a bit and it turned out very nice. The          
                       length is important because of the handle I will be using.

   An easy way to make exact lengths is to set up some
                  jigs. I used my quick stop block and miter gauge .               
                   There are many other ways to do this so you can be                  
                     creative and come up with something.                                                             

Table saw angle cutting jig                                                                           

The ends for the box are 11 inches high. The band saw could have been used to cut the angle but I quickly made this jig for the table saw. The cuts will be cleaner and more precise. 

Cut one side flip it over then the other side. Now do this  to all of the side pieces. They should all turn out exactly the same.

Woodworkers are always making jigs and my favorite ones are the ones that can be made very quick. 

          Cut the diamond plate                                                                          
          A speed square and a sharpie are used to mark the piece square to 
         get it ready for cutting.   

          The best way to cut the diamond plate is to clamp it since it can jump               as the blade is cutting. 

                             The sides   
                     This piece is cut half way then flipped around, re clamped 
                     and then cut the rest of the way. 

The pieces are marked and will be the frames for the diamond plate to fit in. The plate and the wood are both 3mm thick. 

After the frames are cut they are placed on the sides and all the pieces are checked over to get ready for glueing.

                      Face plates are now added and are clamped very securely,
                      I did not want to take any chances since the diamond plates                             are not a flat surface. 

                       The holes are drilled in the two sides for the handle.       
                       To do this I used a 1 1/8th inch hole saw in the drill                

                      To attach the sides I will be using dowels.

                    I used a long dowel and put some glue on a small 
                    section then placed it in the hole and just cut it flush to 
                    the plywood. I did this 6 times on each of the sides.                                                                                            

                       Easy to make handle from a galvanized pipe.                       
                The pipe I used was from the plumbing department and was 
                17 1/2 inches long.  It was already threaded on both ends so 
                      I did not have to cut anything. I just had to buy some end caps                   and it was ready to go.                                                      

Handle and end caps                                      


I like how diamond plate can  be used decoratively for projects. It is easy to work with because it can be cut with a jigsaw. 

What other kind of woodworking  projects do you think would look good using diamond plate?

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