Sunday, July 22, 2018

How to Make a Large Bevel Gauge

A bevel gauge or false square is an adjustable gauge used for setting and transferring angles. A hardwood blade is connected to a wooden handle with a wing nut.

I have 2 bevel gauges and use them both. The small bevel gauge  I made a while back and it is small enough to fit in my pocket which comes in handy. It is just the right size for marking 2x4' s. and small pieces. Then I have the store bought one which has a blade around 6 inches long. 

Working with larger projects it would make sense to make a larger bevel gauge. I have never seen large ones in stores.

The gauge I will be making will be 15" in length.  To cut the wood to size I will use a mitre gauge and a stopblock

I then used my  tablesaw clamp to make sure the piece cut tight to the fence. This helps to make a clean and accurate cut.


The gauge handle will be Brazilian cherry and the blade will be maple. 

Note: Everything can be sanded except for the inside of the 2 handle parts. Leaving these rough is important for clamping, when the wing nut is tightened it locks the blade real tight. 

The 3 pieces are clamped together with a hand screw clamp then put in a vise and one end is marked using a compass. Now the end can be drilled and rounded.  

The clamp is still on and a bolt is put in and the end can be trimmed on the bandsaw.  


Now it can be cleaned up with the belt sander.

 A  piece of the maple blade is cut and a piece of cherry. The cherry block should be cut a tiny bit thicker than the blade, it will be glued in one end.   

The end block is glued and clamped after it is dry it can be trimmed down. 


  A bolt, washer and wingnut will be used for the blade and handle. Tightening the wingnut will keep it very secure in any position. 

    I did a few tests at different angles and it works great. 


Bevel gauges are a must for any shop and making one yourself is very rewarding. 
A large one will come in handy when working with larger projects. 

I don't know why large ones  are not available in store. I like the idea I wont have to fuss with different size rulers when marking angles.

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