Saturday, February 1, 2020

Tool wall french cleat plus

 Always trying to clean and organise my shop so I decided to build a larger tool wall. Having many tools and picking the ones I use most is always handy and keeping them at arm's reach. This is what I call a French Cleat Plus system, because you can make tool holders that slide or hang. I like to be able to move tools around so you can add take away or rearrange any time. 

                                            Check out the build video here

 To start the wall I used 1/2" baltic Birch. I cut it to 60"x40" to fit the space I had, which was between two tool cabinets. The black will be a good contrast with the light wood. 

I found the wall studs and screwed the board in with 9-2" screws.

I cut 12  boards L 28" x W 5", they were all cut all 45 degrees. To cut I kept the tablesaw fence the same and just kept flipping the boards

The layout for the boards took some time to get everything symmetrical but worth it.

I attached the boards with my nail gun using 2 inch brad nails. Each board was carefully installed using guides levels and measuring tape. This ensures a precision job.

Time to make the tool holders.

Two types are made, one that slides in the slots and will not fall out and the other can be easily put on and taken off.  

Here you can see the two types of holders. Making the holders and filling the tool wall takes time but is very pleasing.


Depending on your needs  both holders will work fine, both have their pros and cons, make whatever works for you. I like them both.  Making the dowels any length and size is handy and convenient to fit specific tools.  

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