Sunday, November 27, 2022

Fork N Wood

          Here is my Fork in Wood, I also made a wrench in wood. When you are finished your friends will keep guessing on how it was made, unless they watch the video. I have one on my desk and people walk by and don't get it, lol. 

          With good woodworking skills and materials you can make one too. 
          Lining in up properly and gluing it tight will hopefully give you a 
          flawless piece.              


      This was my first quick attempt and I was so pleased how it turned out I could not see and crack lines.


      To start I just used some regular 2x4's, I made sure there were very few knots or if I was lucky none at all.  I cut a few extras so I would have lots to work with.

              I cut them roughly 2 1/2"x 4" and 1/2" thick using my new pushsticks . 
              Any size would work, whatever looks best.


                    Next step is to put them in the vice, and the big reveal is to snap them. I used a  block and a hammer and hit it hard enough to snap in half. Hopefully it will break along the grain.

                Here I got my caliper and measured the thinnest part of the 
                 fork handle and matched it with the right size drill bit.

                      When I clamped the two pieces together I could not even see the
                       crack line so I had to take it apart and make a mark so I knew where 
                      to drill.



                        Here the piece is held with my hand and you can not see any lines at all.


                             Careful clamping is done  to make sure everything is lined up and                              tight together.



                                The wrench is clamped and looks messy with the glue squeeze out 
                                but that is fine. After it was sanded it turned out flawless with no                                            evident lines.


                        I used another piece of 2x4 to make the base. First I dado 
                         cut the centre  and 45 degree angle cuts for the sides.  





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