Friday, April 21, 2023

Folding Ziplock bag storage case

Ziplock bags are a great tool for storage as they are easy to use, versatile, and affordable. Here is how I made a storage rack for the workshop for small tools and parts.

The one cool feature is that it folds down into the door so everything tucks away neat and tidy.

Label the bags with the name of the item this will help you identify the contents of each bag easily

Using ziplock bags for storage is a convenient and efficient way to keep your belongings organized and protected.

To start I used some 3/8th inch Baltic birch, the dimensions are 6"x 15.5"  

I cut 7 slots in the lid to fit the length of the ziplock bags which is 5.5". I first tried on the table saw but the blade was to thick so the bandsaw worked fine but you have to take your time to make sure you get nice straight cuts. 



A block is glued on one end,  this will be for the hinges as well as a spacer for the ziplock bags to hang when the lid is closed.

Hinges can now be put on the block. 


    A lid prop was made on the table saw, I first laid down a piece of  wood and slowly raised the blade until I got the desired length for the  slot. I repeated this a couple time to make it wider for the screw that would slide in the slot. 

A hole was drilled in one end and that will act as a catch for the prop so it will lock in the open position. Here I rounded the ends,  I also used a round file and some sandpaper to clean everything up.

I attached a small block for the lid prop, a few holes were drilledZiplock bag storage
 so it could be screwed onto the door.

I will put the ziplock storage case inside the door of  my cabinet with wooden lock.                                              

The hinges are first screwed in the door then I had to find the best placement for the lid prop block to be screwed into the door. I found the right spot so when the lid was opened it was at 90 degrees and when closed the lid prop and lid closed neatly.


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  3. It sounds like you've created a practical and space-saving storage solution for your workshop using ziplock bags. The folding ziplock bag storage case with a built-in rack is a clever idea, and the detailed steps you've provided make it easier for others to replicate.

    Here are some comments and suggestions:

    Labeling Bags: The idea of labeling each bag with the name of the item is excellent for easy identification. This is particularly useful for small tools and parts.

    Material Choice: Using 3/8th inch Baltic birch is a good choice for the storage case. It's sturdy and durable, which is important for a workshop environment.

    Cutting Slots: Using a bandsaw to cut the slots is a practical alternative to a table saw, especially when dealing with thinner cuts. Safety precautions and taking your time are crucial.

    Hinges and Lid Prop: Including hinges and a lid prop adds functionality to the storage case. The lid prop with a catch is a thoughtful addition for keeping the lid open when needed.

    Placement of Lid Prop Block: Ensuring that the lid prop block is placed in the right spot for a 90-degree angle when open is crucial. This attention to detail ensures that the storage case fits neatly into the cabinet door.

    Integration with Cabinet: Securing the ziplock bag storage case inside the door of your cabinet with a wooden lock is a great way to integrate it into your workshop setup.

    Visual Appeal: Consider adding finishing touches like rounding the ends, filing, and sanding for a clean and visually appealing final product.

    Photographs or Diagrams: If possible, including photographs or diagrams of the steps and the final product could further enhance the clarity of your instructions.

    Overall, it seems like you've created a well-thought-out and practical solution for workshop organization. Others in the DIY community may find your instructions valuable for their own storage needs.

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