Saturday, July 12, 2014

Computer Cable Lock and Label

 I have too many computer cables and some get lost or misplaced,  so I decided to make some  wooden labels for them. I will make them is such a way so I can lock them. I will take the cables I use  most and lock them on my desk or anywhere I need too.

 To start I cut some 17 inch long oak into strips using my ripping jig.
They are cut at 4.17 mm.
 On my miter sled I will cut them to length... 2 1/2 inch blanks.
 A 1/2  inch  Forstner bit is used to make the hole for the lock cable.
I use my horizontal drill for the holes for the cables. Two blanks are stacked and clamped ready for drilling. An 11/64 inch drill bit is used and the cable slides free in the hole.

They are now glued and clamped and set aside. Later I light sand, chamfer the hole and round the corners on a small belt sander all the while watching not to touch the cable.
 If ever I need to take them apart they can be placed in the vice and tapped  carefully with a screw driver and pried apart. I tried one and there was no problem, although the glue was quite strong.

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  1. On your video about how to make a mini lathe, on the 2:31 (leveling the drill), you used ¿what tool? to verify the distance to surface?

    great videos! even more! whet you make a thing, it seems to be an simple, easy thing to do...

  2. To make sure the drill was positioned properly I inserted a long rod into the chuck of the drill and used a telescoping gauge for accuracy to align the drill.