Saturday, August 9, 2014

Tool Caddy


  I made a tool caddy for my work bench for easy access to most of  the tools I use frequently. This made good sense since I am forever reaching for my tools in different tool cases and then putting them back.
 Start by cutting the ends from a piece of solid oak. I still have some hardwood flooring left over so that is what I will use.

For the body three pieces of 2x4 around 9" in length are stacked together but not glued yet. Using a spacer for the middle block  I tested  the ends to see what looked best.

When I saw what I liked I used Titebond , glued and clamped the body for a couple hours.

Pattern of the ends.

 To make a nice shape on the ends I first cut some angles with the band saw and then sanded on the belt sander. I find this way easier than to set up my table saw.                                    


For the curves I first used a Forstner bit then bandsaw and cleaned up with router and some sanding.

The ends are now ready to be put on. I drilled three holes on each end and with wood screws screwed one into each 2x4.

I laid out my tools and with my marking gauge  marked where I needed to drill. This way everything stays in line and looks neat.

I drilled the holes paying close attention to the diameter and depth  for each individual tool.

             Tool Caddy finished and sits neatly on my work bench ready to use.

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