Friday, February 27, 2015

2015 Kitchen Utensil  Build Challenge -
Utensil Holder  

I did not know what to make for the 2015 Kitchen Utensil Build Challenge but I knew that I wanted to try make something using my new Spline jig  so I thought I would make an utensil holder and came up with this decorative box.

    A friend of mine dropped off  some some oak pallet wood last week. It had a few nail holes so instead of filling and sanding I just cut them out.

Then I cut 4 pieces for the sides, they were  4  1/2 x 5 inches.

 With the blade set to 45 degrees I cut the pieces for the sides of the box,  for details on how I glued the box together see the video, I also did this on my last video. Both videos used a different clamping method.

With the box glued together I first carefully measured and used a test piece to make sure all the cuts were exact. I did not want to mess up the work that I have done so far.

 Slowly cutting.....

 Now to cut the middle section, I was worried something would go wrong but it was very easy.
Just measure twice... use a scrap test piece and
go slow.

A strip of dark hardwood is first cut on the table saw at 45 degrees then cut to small triangles on the band saw.

The box is sitting in a V-block and the triangle blocks are glued and a weight is placed on top to clamp them.

After the glue has dried I use the band saw to trim the triangle blocks. It is then taken over to the belt sander and sanded smooth. 
The last thing to do is put on a bottom. I just traced out a piece from the inside and cut it on the band saw. With some glue this will be a very snug fit.

The utensil holder turned out nice and sits in the kitchen. I am very happy with my spline  jig (plus). It does a great job and cuts accurately. I am now ready for  my next project.
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