Saturday, August 22, 2015

Hovercraft moving from bench to bench


 The Hovercraft Table I built is working very nice but I wanted to  do more than just drive it around the workbench. What I want to do is  move heavy machines easily from one bench to another.

                           I will start with my drill press table but since it is lower than my 
                           workbench I will have to raise it.

                           I measured the table and it is 61.70 mm. lower than the workbench
                            so I will have to add larger wheels and some blocks to get the 
                            right height.

                            To make the blocks I  glued some scrap plywood together to 
                           get a rough height. Later when I add the wheels then I can
                           make some fine adjustments by trimming the blocks a bit. 

                           Since I work with pianos I get many casters. These are the ones I
                           will use. I first fit an insert sleeve into the block and then press in 
                           the caster. Very easy system.

                            I placed a small piece of plywood on the wheels and with a caliper
                            I was able to take a measurement of the 4mm. gap shown in the photo.
                            The blocks and wheels are not attached yet so I then proceeded to
                            cut 4mm. off each block.

                          I put on the blocks and wheels, flipped over the table  and now the
                          tables are the exact height and I am ready to test it out.

                       On my first try everything worked out great. It floated from table to
                       table. I can now try other machines!

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