Sunday, October 30, 2016

Halloween Prop Axe Case

It's time to build a case for my killer axe. In my last build I made my Zombie killer weapon, it was a collaboration build for the new Walking Dead. Now that halloween is near I wanted to build a rustic cabinet to hold the weapon. 


I was able to get a large amount of rough spruce lumber. This would be perfect for this build. It is nice when you can take used lumber and clean it up and it will look brand new.

This step by step is an easy build and can also be used as a rustic cabinet. 

The boards are cut to the right length.

 I cleaned up some of the wood for the frame, this will make it easier to fit perfect size pieces when making a cabinet. Otherwise nothing will line up and it will sit and look crooked. One side of the pieces will still look rough.

To make a rabbet cut 2 pieces are clamped together and the clamps are positioned so they ride on the table saw fence. The clamped pieces are rotated so both ends can be cut. The fence is moved after each pass until the desired depth of the cut is made.

The pieces are glued and clamped together and set aside. You can also add some nails to this joint but for me this will be fine. A back will be put on and help increase the strength of the case.

These two pieces are the supports for the door. 

The frame is put on top of the 4 pieces that make the door. When everything is centered and laid out the 2 pieces I just cut will be glued and nailed together making the door. Finishing nails would be fine. 

Now you need to make a mark for the hinges. I used my new caliper for this, since it works like a T-square.

For the back I used a piece of 3/8th" mahogany paneling. This piece was nailed on as well.

 Time to install the hinges.

When installing the hinges take your time to make sure everything  lines up. Here you can see how the whole cabinet fits together. 

I used a metal pointed hook to make some MONSTER scratches in the front of the door

The cabinet sits near my front door ready for the trick-or- treaters. 

To see the Zombie killer build click here


Halloween props are more fun if they are homemade and you will be surprised every year when you pull them out. 

I now can store my Zombie weapon safely under the house and pull it out once a year for Halloween.

 Making a cabinet is easy and if you get free wood it is even better. You can start with a small cabinets and work your way up to larger ones. Props are a good way to be creative and will help advance your woodworking skills.

Have you ever made a prop for Halloween? What kind of things would you like to build for Halloween? 

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