Sunday, October 23, 2016

Zombie Weapon

Zombie Weapon Challenge

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If you want to build a Zombie Killer weapon check this one out. It is scary, sharp and real. It is made from a saw blade and spikes and is a fully functional weapon and not a toy.   

 To build it will take some woodworking and metalwork skills. Also having the right tools helps.   


To start, first  cut a cut a cardboard template to see what works for you. This way you won't mess up cutting  blades.  The cardboard  is roughly cut out to give me an idea of what I like. There are many nice looking shapes you can work with.  

The blade is marked using a sharpie. It looks kind of messy but it is an old blade. After it is cut to shape it can be clean up.

An angle grinder and Dremel tool are used to cut the shapes. The angle grinder is best used for larger cuts where the Dremel is used to cut the corners. When the piece is cut a Vice-Grip can be used to bend the piece out.

                 Two pieces are cut out and it looks rough. This is where the fun begins! It will be cleaned,  shaped and  refined until it becomes a beautiful blade.

The teeth of this part of the blade are sanded down on my new belt sander, this will make a flat edge which will later be turned into a razor sharp blade.

To clean the blade it  is laid flat on the sander and sanded clean as well as giving it a new shiny finish.

The fence is readjusted and the blade can be sharpened to a sharp edge.

How to make the handle
The handle is made from a piece of oak. I used some oak flooring boards and glued two pieces together. A sharpie pen was used to draw a handle shape.

The handle is cut and shaped on the bandsaw, it can be further shaped with the belt sander.

Time to cut the slot for the blade. The table saw is best for this since the blade is the same thickness and it will make a perfect cut.

Tip I drew a line on the handle and on my table saw insert. This will let me know how far to make the cut.

A 5/8th forstner was used for the handle for the finger holes.

Rounding the handle and finger holes with the router will make it look and feel better.

Now it is time to glue the blade to the handle. The best glue for this would be epoxy. I did not show it in the video but I did clamp it over night. Some people may add rivets or bolts I did some testing and I did not find it necessary for this project.

An add- on handle can now be made for the spikes. This will keep things separate and easier to assemble together later.

Long spiral spikes are put in the holes to see how they fit. After the are marked they can be cut with an angle grinder and then taken out for sharpening.

 The spikes are put in a cordless drill head first..... yes this does work.... and sharpened on a small belt sander. After they are razor sharp the can be epoxied onto the handle.

This piece is later glued onto the handle.

 A couple of coats of Varathane are put on to bring out the finish and protect the handle.

This was an interesting project and it turned out great. It looks scary and is a real conversation piece.
Combining woodwork and metalwork can be fun. Making weapons is also fun but can be dangerous. Please take care and caution when building and using the weapons.

Have you ever done metalwork and woodwork together? Have you ever built a weapon?

 Happy Halloween

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