Sunday, April 19, 2015

Making Dowels with a Jigsaw

                            A simple project made with some basic woodworking tools.

                           You can easily build this with a jigsaw, drill, some drill bits, 
                           clamps and  some sandpaper.

Making different size dowels

I wanted to see if I could make dowels using a jigsaw and came up with this idea.  I have seen and tried many ways but wanted to make one using some smaller tools.

 Also I wanted to be able to make many size dowels and still  keeping the jig easy to make. 

                                                          This was my first attempt  and it turned out great, if 
                                                          I could  make this size then I am sure the smaller ones
                                                          would  be easier.  

To make the jig- On a piece of 3/4 inch plywood  I drew an outline of the front of the jigsaw, this piece will be the plate that will slide along the base of the saw.

Here everything is marked and ready to be cut.
This can all be done with the jigsaw.

I cut several boards so I can have many on hand for making many different size dowels.

The plate in tapped onto the jigsaw until it hits the blade. The saw is then turned on and now the blade will leave a score mark. Then the plate can  be laid down on a bench and ready to be cut. This will make it easy to cut a perfect straight line with the jigsaw.

This is the cut for the blade... it is made with the jigsaw.

The plate is now ready for drilling. I keep the drill as close to the line as possible. This mark is for a 1/2" bit.

Many holes are drilled and I was ready to make dowels....

                             I made several plates and now I can make many size dowels. The 
                             ones I made are,  6mm, 9mm, 13mm, and 42mm. This will be handy 
                             in my shop and having made extra plates I can quickly drill new 
                             holes for any new size I may need.

The drill did shake a bit when I making the dowels but this was not a problem. Of all the
ways I have made dowels I find this is the best way because the jig is small and easy to set
up and and able to make many different sizes. Here are a few ways to make dowels.

My other dowel jigs-

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