Thursday, May 21, 2015

Make wood pipes

                                         To see the build check out the video.

Wood pipes can be made with minimal tools. These pipes are made with just a Jigsaw, drill and drill press.

You will also need some glue, clamps, hole saws, nuts and a threaded rod.

To start cut some blocks with a jigsaw, they don't have to be square or exact, just larger than the hole saw you will be using.

The blocks are doubled up and glued together. Only two can be glued at a time. This will work best for the the depth of the hole saw.

After the blocks are glued the hole saw can be used to drill out the centre. Drill one side then flip over and do the other.

The hole saw will give you a center and now the pieces can be clamped together with a 1/4" threaded rod.

So far this is from  four blocks.

I made a Big sandpaper board for sanding.  Even though I made this for this project this is great for other uses around the shop. It has  80 and 150 grit paper.
With the sandpaper board resting on the base and the drill column everything will stay square and you will get a smooth  finish.

Now the next centers can be drilled out. After I did this I was able to make the second pipe.

 The eight pieces  are stacked and checked for squareness. When I find what I like I make a pencil mark and get ready for glueing.

A simple clamp can be made with a threaded rod and some end caps.

Threaded rods can be purchased at any hardware store, they come in 4' lengths and cost only a few dollars.

The pieces are glued and secured with the clamp
 A bearing can be made with a scrap block and a  barrel nut. To make just take the nut and cut the  end off. Then take the other end and and pound it into the block.

Now with the cordless drill place the threaded rod in the block and with the big sand paper board start sanding......
.....the other way is to put it in the drill press. Sandpaper strips can also be used. With a shoe shine method start with some coarse paper and move to finer grits until you get your desired finish.  

Two wood pipes are complete and they turned out great. They are very accurate and I especially like the finish. Using the hole saw makes it easy to make many different sizes.

These pipes are 1 ft. long

Now what can I make using these pipes??   

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