Sunday, May 31, 2015

Wood scroll holder

                             What to make with my wood pipe?  I did have a plan for what I was 
                            going to build but did not mention it. I came up with this design for a scroll holder
                            because I only wanted to make a project  with one wood pipe. Some people were
                            wondering  what I was going to make  and there was some really good  suggestions.                                                 


I saved the clamp I used when I first made the pipe and now can use it again to hold the pipe when I cut it with the table saw. With a little set up this can also be done with a jigsaw.

I made a jig for the table saw so the piece can slide back and forth to cut a slot. I used my Stop blocks to hold it in place.

I slowly raised the blade and made sure I did not raise it higher than the threaded rod. This went easier than I thought it would!


    The slot is cut and the ends will be cleaned up with a Japanese
    back saw. The slot is 8 3/4" long and now can hold standard
     8 1/2 x 11 paper.                                                                                                                                            

A quick jig a made to secure a dowel to cut a section of it in
half with the bandsaw.

   This will be the roller to hold the paper scroll. It also has a small
   screw to give it some clamping pressure to hold the paper.

For the small circle I used the hole saw since this one has to be exact for a snug fit in the pipe. The larger one I first marked with a compass then cut on the bandsaw. It can be cleaned up later.


Nuts and bolts are used for glueing and clamping  the circles together A larger hole is drilled
for the dowel. I now installed a larger nut and bolt and put it in the drill press.

                                My Big sandpaper board is used to clean up and round the edges 
                               of the circles for the end caps.


                           All the pieces are laid out and are now ready for some stain.
                           The wood is from a 2x6 so it is probably fir. The stain is
                           red walnut and I used Varathane for the finish.


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